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Sydney Glassman Fungi Foodie

PhD student at UC Berkeley who is procrastinating writing her dissertation by attempting to become a gourmet! I study fungal ecology for my PhD and have been mushroom hunting in California since 2010. The idea is that I will be foraging for mushrooms and cooking them in delicious recipes.  Unfortunately, it’s been dry as a bone in northern California this year so in lieu of freshly foraged mushrooms, I’m going to be teaching myself to be a gourmet by cooking my way through Plenty and Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi.  So get ready for some fabulous mediterranean fare,  a recipe featuring mushrooms at least once a month, and follow me on my journey to learning how to cook fancier food in my spare time.  Let’s get ready to forage to feast!






4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Classypete

    Very cool blog! Let me know if you are ever coming to gather on the Sonoma Coast. Let’s cook some mushrooms up!


  2. Sarah Hasti

    We are looking for someone who could join us for a mushroom hunt in oregon or on the coast near crescent city.

    Where are you located?
    Of course we also pay something.

    Many Thanks, Sarah

  3. Brian Bowers

    No wonder all the best mushrooms allow themselves to be found by you. You’re clearly recognizable as the Fungi Foodie from all the photos on your blog! If you had more journalistic integrity, you’d blur out your face like the food critics do so as to keep your identity secret. That’d be a shame though, so on second thought, let that smile be seen!

  4. Jo Heperi

    Hi. I need any information on the ileodictyon cibarium known as net or basket fungus. Here in New Zealand it was a delicacy fir Maori and it is known as the Pukurau. The town I am from is called Waipukurau in reference to that mushroom. Are you able to give me anymore information on it.


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